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Malcolm Margolin

Margolin’s steadfast and jubilant commitment to the humanities underscores what it means to be Californian, American, and, ultimately, what it means to be human.

Community college faculty and administrators at Ohio Historical Society archives

Native Americans in the Midwest: An NEH Bridging Cultures at Community Colleges Project

The Ohio Historical Society received an NEH grant in 2013 to support a series of conferences for community college faculty on Native American tribes in the Midwest.

Unidos: Charlas de libros para niños y padres, program participants.

The Latino Experience

NEH-supported projects on Latino history, culture, and language.

Larry Aitken

NEH Supports Strategic Collaborations in Native American History, Languages, and Cultural Revitalization

We explore the role that NEH plays in supporting documentation and teaching of Native American languages, history, and culture.

J.S. Bach

Teaching Bach

Dr. Hilde Binford directed a 2012 NEH Summer Institute for School Teachers on Johann Sebastian Bach and a documentary featuring a scholarly panel discussion about Bach’s Mass in B Minor.

Scene from Bacchides

Roman Comedy in Performance

A 2012 NEH summer institute gave college and university teachers a closer look at Roman comedy in performance.

Good Administration Mural

Enduring Questions Corner

The NEH Enduring Questions grant program supports faculty members in the teaching and development of a new course that will foster intellectual community through the study of an enduring question.

Edsitement Press Release

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Posted: August 25, 2014

Freedom Summer

Freedom Summer - video still

Posted: March 13, 2014

Death and the Civil War (2012)

Death and the Civil War (2012) - still of Civil War soldiers in a hospital

Posted: February 28, 2014

The Scholar & The Sailor

The Scholar and the Sailor thumbnail

Washington, DC, native Greg White had always wanted to become a sailor, but after being arrested and sent to a maximum security prison for armed robbery his dream never felt so far away.